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Committee on Opportunities in High Magnetic Field Science



Opportunities in High Magnetic Field Science

Released January 2005

High-field magnets - those that operate at the limits of the mechanical and/or electromagnetic properties of their structural materials - are used as research tools in a variety of scientific disciplines. The study of high magnetic fields themselves is also important in many areas such as astrophysics. Because of their importance in scientific research and the possibility of new breakthroughs, the National Science Foundation asked the National Research Council to assess the current state of and future prospects for high-field science and technology in the United States. This report presents the results of that assessment. It focuses on scientific and technological challenges and opportunities, and not on specific program activities. The report provides findings and recommendations about important research directions, the relative strength of U.S. efforts compared to other countries, and ways in which the program can operate more effectively.

Committee Members and NRC Staff

Peter B. Moore, Chair, Yale University
Gabriel Aeppli, University College London
Meigan Aronson, University of Michigan
Paul M. Chaikin, Princeton University
Paul D. Ellis, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Washington
Peter F. Green, The University of Texas
David C. Larbalestier, University of Wisconsin-Madison
J. David Litster, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Joseph Minervini, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
J. Michael Rowe, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Maryland
John M. Rowell, Arizona State University
Mansour Shayegan, Princeton University
Robert Tycko, National Institute of Health, Maryland
Valereii Vinokur, Argonne National Laboratory

NRC Staff

Donald C. Shapero, Director
Timothy I. Meyer,
Program Officer