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Physics Survey Overview Committee


  Physics in a New Era: An Overview

Released 2001

Physics at the beginning of the twenty-first century has reached new levels of accomplishment and impact in a society and nation that are changing rapidly. Accomplishments have led us into the information age and fueled broad technological and economic development. The pace of discovery is quickening and stronger links with other fields such as the biological sciences are being developed. The intellectual reach has never been greater, and the questions being asked are more ambitious than ever before.

Physics in a New Era is the final report of the NRC's six-volume decadal physics survey. The book reviews the frontiers of physics research, examines the role of physics in our society, and makes recommendations designed to strengthen physics and its ability to serve important needs such as national security, the economy, information technology, and education.


Commitee Members and NRC Staff

Thomas Appelquist, Chair, Yale University
David Arnett, University of Arizona
Andrew Cohen, Boston University
Susan N. Coppersmith, University of Chicago
Steven C. Cowley, UC Los Angeles
Peter Galison, Harvard University
James B. Hartle, UC Santa Barbara
Wick Haxton, University of Washington
Jay N. Marx, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
Cherry A. Murray, Lucent Technologies
Charles F. Stevens, The Salk Institute for Biological Studies
J. Anthony Tyson, Lucent Technologies
Carl E. Wieman, University of Colorado
Jack M. Wilson, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

NRC Staff

Donald C. Shapero, Director, BPA
Robert L. Riemer, Senior Staff Officer
Joel Parriott, Staff Officer
Achilles Speliotopoulos, Staff Officer