Blowout Prevention

Analysis of the Deepwater Horizon
Explosion, Fire, and Oil Spill

Blowout Prevention
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Committee Meeting, Washington, DC - 8/12/10 and 8/13/10

Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (PPT) - 8/12/10

American Petroleum Institute (PPT) - 8/12/10

Coast Guard (PPT) - 8/13/10

Marshall Islands (PPT) - 8/13/10

American Bureau of Shipping (PPT) - 8/13/10


Video Webcast

 Archived Video from 8/12/10 and 8/13/10


Committee Meeting, Houston, TX - 8/23/10

Wild Well Control School Site Visit (PPT) - 8/23/10

Committee Meeting, Washington, DC - 9/26/10

BP  (PPT) - 9/26/10

Halliburton (PPT) - 9/26/10

Marine Well Containment System (PPT) - 9/26/10


Audio Webcast from 9/26/10 

Opening Remarks and BP Presentation

BP Q&A with Committee

Halliburton Presentation and Q&A

Marine Well Containment System Presentation and Q&A