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CSTB's Impact

CSTB changes the way people think about information technology and public policy. It also advances specific recommendations for action, many of which have been taken up by government and the private sector. Its reports are presented to key decision-makers --  a key element of the dissemination process.  Reports are also presented to specialized communities of interest-academic and independent researchers, industry, nonprofit and public interest groups -- via conferences, workshops, and briefings -- serving to educate and motivate action. Congressional testimony and press coverage of the reports creates a wider audience in the national, business, and trade press. CSTB reports are also picked up as trade books, reaching a broader market of people interested in information technology issues. They are used as textbooks, helping to educate the next generation of experts in information technology and public policy.

CSTB has additional impact as an institution: service on the Board and on its study committees has expanded the public policy awareness and public service contribution of many hundreds of computer scientists, while enhancing the insight into information technology of the other experts it engages.  Indeed, several of these individuals have adapted their own research programs and undertaken new and more substantial public service commitments as a result of the education they associate with CSTB, creating new human capital at the intersection of information technology and public policy.

Examples of CSTB report impact:


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