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Perspectives on the IT R&D Ecosystem: A Workshop

Eric Benhamou and Randy H. Katz, Co-Chairs

Open Session
Keck Building
500 5th Street, N.W., Room 101
Washington, DC



Presentation slides are available for the speakers with links below. All slides are in Adobe PDF format, which requires the Adobe Reader. Views expressed in the presentations are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the National Academies.


10:45 amWelcome to the Open Session and Workshop
 Overview of CSTB and the Study (goals, timing)
 Eric Benhamou and Randy Katz, Co-Chairs
11:00 amPerspectives from the Study Sponsor and Charge to the Committee
 Peter Freeman, National Science Foundation
12:00 pmWorking Lunch

12:30 pmPANEL 1: Perspectives on the IT R&D Ecosystem from Federal Agencies Making IT R&D Investments
 Simon Szykman, National Coordination Office for Networking and Information Technology R&D
 Deborah Crawford, National Science Foundation
 Anthony Tether, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
 Andre van Tilborg, Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense, Science and Technology
 Daniel Hitchcock, Department of Energy
 Michael Marron, National Institutes of Health
 Q&A with Presenters

2:30 pmBreak

2:45 pmPANEL 2: Perspectives on the IT R&D Ecosystem from Academic and Business Communities
 William Aspray, Association for Computing Machinery
 Andrew Bernat, Computing Research Association
 Andrea Hoffman, TechNet
 Charles Wessner, Board on Science, Technology, and Economic policy, The National Academies
 Q&A with Presenters

4:00 pmPANEL 3: Perspectives on the Potomac-area IT Startup Environment
 John May, New Vantage Group
 Jonathan Silver, Core Capital Partners
 Raymar Dizon, Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development
 Q&A with Presenters

5:45 pmClosing Remarks by Committee and Public
 Eric Benhamou and Randy Katz, Co-Chairs
6:15 pmAdjourn