December 22, 2014



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Workshop on the Intersection of Geospatial Information and Information Technology


 IT Roadmap to a Geospatial Future
This report focuses computer science research on the challenges associated with rapid proliferation of geospatial information. Based on an October 2001 workshop, it illuminates interdisciplinary, coordinated research opportunities in location-aware computing, databases and data mining, and visualization and human-computer interaction.

Project Scope

This workshop-based project will explore opportunities and directions for increased interaction between the geospatial and computer science research and development communities. The workshop's goal is to illuminate directions for future research that would enhance the accessibility and usability of geospatial information and explore how geospatial applications might influence computer science design and research. The workshop's themes will include Location Aware Computing/Remote Sensing; Content and Knowledge Distillation; Spatial Databases; and Visualization/Computer Supported Collaborative Work/HCI. The workshop will be held at the Marriott Key Bridge in Arlington, Virginia October 1 and 2. A synthesis report is expected to integrate the ideas and viewpoints expressed at the workshop, supplemented as necessary by additional material developed by the committee. This project is intended as the first phase of a larger project that would examine these issues in more depth, either through an extended series of workshops or full-length study.

Committee Members

Richard R. Muntz, Chair
University of California, Los Angeles

Tom Barclay

Jeff Dozier
University of California, Santa Barbara

Christos Faloutsos
Carnegie Mellon University

Alan M. MacEachren
Pennsylvania State University

Joanne L. Martin

Cherri M. Pancake
Oregon State University

Mahadev Satyanarayanan (Satya)
Carnegie Mellon University


Cynthia Patterson, Program Officer (Study Director)
Margaret Huynh, Senior Project Assistant
Marjory S. Blumenthal, Executive Director


National Science Foundation
National Aeronautics & Space Administration
Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Research and Development


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