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The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine
Board On Behavioral Cognitive and Sensory Sciences
Board On Behavioral Cognitive and Sensory Sciences
Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education
National Security and Intelligence

The military and the Intelligence Community (IC) face constantly changing needs in their efforts to maintain the security of the country. As the reports below demonstrate, the behavioral, cognitive, and sensory sciences have made, and can continue to make, a significant contribution toward anticipating and meeting these changing needs. BBCSS reports cover such topics as attitudes and fitness of recruits, scientific evaluation of equipment, group modeling, warfighter and analyst training, and threatening communication and behavior.

Related Reports

Threatening Communications and BehaviorPerspectives on the Pursuit of Public Figures  (BBCSS)

Today's world of rapid social, technological, and behavioral change provides new opportunities for communications with few limitations of time and space. Through these communications, people leave... Read more

Intelligence AnalysisBehavioral and Social Scientific Foundations  (BBCSS)

The U.S. intelligence community (IC) is a complex human enterprise whose success depends on how well the people in it perform their work. Although often aided by sophisticated technologies, these... Read more

Intelligence Analysis for TomorrowAdvances from the Behavioral and Social Sciences  (BBCSS)

The intelligence community (IC) plays an essential role in the national security of the United States. Decision makers rely on IC analyses and predictions to reduce uncertainty and to provide warnings... Read more

Field Evaluation in the Intelligence and Counterintelligence ContextWorkshop Summary  (BBCSS)

On September 22-23, 2009, the National Research Council held a workshop on the field evaluation of behavioral and cognitive sciences--based methods and tools for use in the areas of intelligence and... Read more

Behavioral Modeling and SimulationFrom Individuals to Societies  (BBCSS)

Today's military missions have shifted away from fighting nation states using conventional weapons toward combating insurgents and terrorist networks in a battlespace in which the attitudes and... Read more

Human Behavior in Military Contexts  (BBCSS)

Human behavior forms the nucleus of military effectiveness. Humans operating in the complex military system must possess the knowledge, skills, abilities, aptitudes, and temperament to perform their... Read more

PTSD Compensation and Military Service  (BMVH,BBCSS)

The scars of war take many forms: the limb lost, the illness brought on by a battlefield exposure, and, for some, the psychological toll of encountering an extremely traumatic event. PTSD Compensation... Read more

Assessing Fitness for Military EnlistmentPhysical, Medical, and Mental Health Standards  (BBCSS)

The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) faces short-term and long-term challenges in selecting and recruiting an enlisted force to meet personnel requirements associated with diverse and changing... Read more

Evaluating Military Advertising and RecruitingTheory and Methodology  (BBCSS)

It is anticipated that in the coming decade the Department of Defense (DoD) will field and test new advertising and recruiting initiatives designed to improve the recruiting outlook. The DoD needs a... Read more

Attitudes, Aptitudes, and Aspirations of American YouthImplications for Military Recruitment  (BBCSS)

Contents Executive Summary 1 Introduction 2 Military Manpower Requirements 3 Demographic Trends 4 Trends in Youth Qualifications and Enlistment Standards 5 Trends in Employment and Educational... Read more

The Polygraph and Lie Detection  (BBCSS,CNSTAT)

The polygraph, often portrayed as a magic mind-reading machine, is still controversial among experts, who continue heated debates about its validity as a lie-detecting device. As the nation takes a... Read more

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