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National Academy of Sciences
National Academy of Engineering
Institute of Medicine
National Research Council
Board on Children Youth and  Families
Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education

BCYF Staff:

Kimber Bogard, Director, Board on Children, Youth, and Families

Charlee Alexander, Reseach Assistant

Francis Amankwah, Research Associate

Pamella Atayi, Administrative Assistant

Allison Berger, Senior Program Assistant

Heather Breiner, Associate Program Officer

Morgan Ford, Senior Program Officer

Annalee Espinosa Gonzales, Senior Program Assistant

Kelsey Geiser, Research Assistant

Rebekah Hutton, Associate Program Officer

Leigh Miles Jackson, Program Officer

Anthony Janifer, Program Assistant

Wendy Keenan, Program Associate

Noam Keren, Research Associate

Bridget Kelly, Senior Program Officer

Suzanne Le Menestrel, Senior Program Officer


Tara Mainero, Associate Program Officer


Sheila Moats, Program Officer

Amanda Pascavis, Senior Program Assistant

Stacey Smit, Senior Program Assistant


Clare Stroud, Senior Program Officer

Sarah Tracey, Research Associate

The National Academies

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