Tuesday, September 30, 2014 
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New Projects Announcement

Forum on Investing in Young Children Globally

The IOM/NRC has established a Forum on Investing in Children Globally will create and sustain, over three years, an evidence-driven community of stakeholders across northern and southern countries who aim to explore existing, new, and innovative science and research from around the world and translate this evidence into sound and strategic investments in policies and practices that will make a difference in the lives of children and their caregivers. The community of Forum members will build bridges across sectors and partner with other organizations, including other science academies and coalitions working toward improving investments in young children globally. The Forum activities and products will be used to inform practices from local communities to government systems; policies at the country, state, and local levels; and research agendas. This will be a learning Forum whereby members will learn from activities taking place on the ground, share and receive information across multiple stakeholder groups, and use this information to inform ongoing Forum efforts. Inter-generational approaches to investing in young children globally will be an important lens for developing Forum activities, with a particular emphasis on empowering women and girls. Another lens that Forum members will use to view the science, implementation, and policies under consideration is the cultural contexts, including belief systems and visions of optimal child development from the familial and community perspectives.

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Forum on Children's Cognitive, Affective, Behavioral Health

The IOM/NRC has established a Forum on Children's Cognitive, Affective, Behavioral Health in order to engage stakeholders in dialogue and discussion to connect the prevention, treatment, and implementation sciences with settings where children are seen and cared for and to create systems that are effective and affordable in addressing children's needs. The Forum membership will consist of researchers and/or representatives of federal and state agencies; health, social service, and education providers; community-based organizations; professional societies; foundations; and consumer interest groups.  

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Increasing Capacity for Reducing Bullying and Its Impact on the Lifecourse of Youth Involved: A Workshop
An IOM/NRC planning committee will plan and conduct a 2-day public workshop that highlights relevant information and knowledge that can inform a multi-disciplinary road map on next steps for the field of bullying prevention. Content areas that will be explored include the identification of conceptual models and interventions that have proven effective in decreasing bullying and the antecedents to bullying, while increasing protective factors which mitigate the negative health impact of bullying. Key sectors that are involved in bullying prevention will be identified in order to understand the opportunities and barriers to implementing a blueprint for bullying prevention. An individually authored workshop summary will be prepared based on the information gathered and the discussions held during the workshop session. 

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The Science of Children Birth to Age 8: Deepening and Broadening the Foundation for Success

An IOM/NRC consensus committee will examine, synthesize, and analyze the science on children’s health, development, and learning from birth to age 8 in order to issue recommendations for preparing a workforce that can seamlessly support children’s health, development, learning, and school success from birth to age 8.

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Committee on the Standards for Benefit-Cost Analysis of Preventive Interventions for Children, Youth, and Families: A Workshop 

Activity Description
An IOM/NRC planning committee will convene a workshop to highlight the issues on finding consensus on the standards for benefit-cost analysis of preventive interventions for children, youth, and families. This activity constitutes Phase 1 of a possible two-part effort directed towards guiding future benefit-cost studies, ensuring greater consistency and comparability across studies, and enhancing the relevance of benefit-cost analysis to government and organizations wanting to make sound prevention investments.

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