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The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine
Board on Children Youth and  Families
Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education
Committee on the Summertime Experiences and Child and Adolescent Education, Health, and Safety


Project Description

An ad hoc committee will conduct a study and prepare a report on the state of the science on how summertime experiences affect school-age children (PreK-12) across three areas of well-being: 1) education, learning, and achievement; 2) health and risk for obesity; and 3) risk-taking, safety, and involvement in antisocial behavior.
The committee will review the available literature on summertime in the context of these three areas, and make recommendations to improve the experiences of children over the summertime to reduce risky behaviors and promote healthy development and learning, as well as outline future direction for research. The committee will focus on the following questions:

1. How well are children in PreK-12th grade functioning over the summer across three areas: health, 
    education, and safety?

2. How do the various sectors (e.g., education, health, justice) intersect with children and youth over the 
    summer to influence their overall well-being?

3. What are the broad categories of programs that serve children and adolescents over the summer,   
    covering education, health, and safety?

4. What is the research evidence that examines the impact of children's summertime experiences on
    learning and achievement, risk for obesity, and involvement in antisocial behavior and violence?

5. What does research tell us about the effectiveness of various approaches to summer learning programs
    run by schools/districts, libraries and museums, community based organizations, and independent 
    program  providers (including summer camps)? What role do (can) these programs and providers play in
    addressing nutrition and fitness issues?

6. What does research suggest is the role for parents in addressing summer learning, health, and safety?

7. What lessons can be learned from research in other countries on how to structure children's 
    summertime experiences?

The final report will inform federal, state, and local policy decisions about how best to use the summer months to support the healthy development of America's children.



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  Activity Information 

  Type: Consensus Study
  Board: Board on Children, Youth, and

  Mailing Address
  Keck Center
  500 Fifth Street, NW
  Washington, DC 20001

 Staff Information

Rebekah Hutton, Study Director
Priyanka Nalamada, Research Associate
Stacey Smit, Senior Program Assistant

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Wallace Foundation




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