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Board on Environmental Change and Society
Board on Environmental Change and Society
Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education

BECS Members

BECS comprises expertise in:

  • Socio-ecological systems, including climate-ecosystem interactions and resilience of human communities;
  • Decision sciences, including both analysis and decision-support;
  • Theory, policy, and practice of national and international sustainable development;
  • Biophysical and biogeochemical processes, including climate dynamics and elemental cycles;
  • Economic policy and analysis, including economic drivers of land use change, valuation of ecosystem services, and costs of impacts of environmental change;
  • Energy, natural resource management, and public and environmental health policy; and
  • Environmental governance, institutions, and processes, including risk analysis and governance.

Richard H. Moss (Chair)
Joint Global Change Research Institute
University of Maryland

Joseph Arvai
Institute for Sustainable Energy,
    Environment & Economy
University of Calgary

Anthony J. Bebbington (NAS)
Graduate School of Geography
Clark University

William U. Chandler
Transition Energy
Annapolis, MD

F. Stuart Chapin, III (NAS)
Institute of Arctic Biology
University of Alaska

Ruth DeFries (NAS)
Department of Ecology, 
   Evolustion & Environmental Biology
Columbia University

Kristie Lee Ebi
School of Public Health
University of Washington
 Maria Carmen Lemos
School of Natural Resources and Environment
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Richard Newell
Nicholas School of Environmental & Earth Sciences
Duke University

Dennis Ojima
Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory
Colorado State University

Jonathan Overpeck
Institute of the Environment
University of Arizona

Stephen Polasky (NAS)
Department of Applied Economics
University of Minnesota

J. Timmons Roberts
Center for Environmental Studies
Brown University

Maxine L. Savitz (NAE)
Technology/PartnershipsHoneywell Inc. (Retired)
Los Angeles, CA







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