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Board on Environmental Change and Society
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Workshop on Governance of Risks of Shale Gas Development

August 15 - 16, 2013

This is the second workshop in a series. The first workshop in this series provided a comprehensive, evidence-based look at the scope, nature, and magnitude of environmental risks of unconventional shale gas development. This workshop will engage social scientists and practitioners from several research traditions to apply a variety of insights about risk management institutions to the suite of risks that were previously identified. Presentations will address the current status of governance systems in the United States that apply to shale gas development, and the challenges to those systems; capacity of state governments to perform risk governance functions; potential for coordinating state and local authorities for managing and reducing risks; potential for managing and reducing risk through non-traditional regulatory approaches; potential of voluntary agreements for managing and reducing risks; lessons from other countries; and public and stakeholder participation for managing and reducing risks.


? PowerPoints and Abstracts of presentations appear below the video archive screen. They may also be accessed through links in the agenda.

? Video archives of the presentations are available in the frame below. Select presentations in the scrolling list below the frame.

? PowerPoints and Abstracts of presentations (and of some Discussants)

Welcome and brief remarks —Remarks   PPT   PPT
Meredith Lane, Director, NRC Board on Environmental Change and Society

Purposes of the workshop; and workshop procedures —
Mitchell Small, Chair of the Organizing Committee

Responses related to shale gas governance from the general elicitation —Abstract  PPT
Gabrielle Wong-Parodi, Carnegie-Mellon University
Governance concerns and government capacity —  PPT
Barry Rabe, University of Michigan

Governance concerns from a technical perspective —
Mark Zoback, Stanford University

The capacity of state governments to perform risk governance functions —
PPT  Abstract
Hannah Wiseman, Florida State University
R. Steven Brown, Environmental Council of States
Jim Richenderfer, Susquehanna River Basin Commission —

The potential for coordinating state and local authorities for managing and reducing risks —
PPT    Abstract   
Charles Davis, Colorado State University
Sarah Fullenwider, City of Fort Worth, Texas —
William Lowry, Washington University —

The potential for managing and reducing risk through non-traditional regulatoy approaches —
PPT   Abstract  
Sheila Olmstead, University of Texas
Discussant: Kate Konschnik, Harvard Law School 

Governing shale gas development in the European Union: Principles, practice and insights —
PPT  Abstract
Elizabeth Bomberg, University of Edinburgh 
Governing shale gas development in Canada: The case of New Brunswick PPT 
Louis LaPierre, University of Moncton
Environmental self-governance: Conditions for industry effectiveness —
PPT   Abstract
Aseem Prakash, University of Washington

Assessing the potential for self-regulation in the shale gas industry — 
PPT   Abstract
Jennifer Nash, Harvard University

The potential for risk governance through organizational safety culture PPT
Jennifer Howard-Grenville, University of Oregon — PPT
Donald C. Winter, University of Michigan
Public and stakeholder participation for managing and reducing risks— PPT
Warner North, Northworks, Inc.
Discussant:  Patrick Field, Consensus Building Institute, Boston, MA  — PPT

The Center for Sustainable Shale Development  —
Andrew Place, Center for Sustainable Shale Development

The Maryland Comprehensive Development Plan Process —
PPT  Abstract
Christine Conn, Maryland Department of Natural Resources
Brigid Kenney, Maryland Department of the Environment
Kate Sinding, Natural Resources Defense Council
Mark Boling, Southwestern Energy, Houston, Texas —

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