Saturday, November 1, 2014 
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People-Environment Interactions

People and Climate Variation

People and Resource Decisions

People and Adaptation to Change

People, Risk, and Resilience

Research, Education, and Evaluation

People-Environment Interactions

Homo sapiens has changed the physical, ecological, and biological components of the Earth’s planetary systems to a degree far beyond that of any other species. Those environmental changes impact human populations in return, and continue to shift, often in unanticipated ways. BECS seeks to inform the transitions that society will need to make to sustain and improve human well-being in the face of environmental change, and to provide insights that will help limit environmental degradation.


Current Projects


Sustainability Science: Preparing for 9 Billion on the Planet 
This project will be a public workshop that will examine key underlying paradigms of both social and natural science, as they relate to human population size, population growth, aging populations, migration toward cities, and differential resource consumption, land use change, etc.  Read more...

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Population, Land Use, and Environment: Research Directions  (BECS)

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