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The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine
Board on Human System Integration
Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education
Facilities Staffing Requirements for Veterans Health Administration
VHAA committee will prepare a comprehensive resource planning and staffing methodology guidebook for VHA Facility Management (Engineering) Programs. The resource and staffing methodology must take into account all significant parameters and variables involved in the VHA Engineering Programs. The methodology should yield customized outputs based on site specific input data, to enable specification of the optimal budget and staffing levels for each site. 
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Upcoming Meetings

June 11-12, 2019
Committee Meeting 4

Keck Center
500 5th St., NW
Room 208
Washington, DC 
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Past Meeting Presentations

September 26-27, 2018- First Committee Meeting
December 13-14, 2018- Second Committee Meeting
January 29-30, 2019- Type B Workshop: Resourcing, Workforce Modeling, and Staffing
February 5-6, 2019- Small Workshop 1: Operations and Maintenance of the Physical Plant and Equipment
February 19-20, 2019- Small Workshop 2: Capital Asset Inventory Database Management, Strategic Capital
March 5-6, 2019- Small Workshop 3: Engineering Administration
March 12-13, 2019- Third Committee Meeting
May 8-9, 2019- Small Workshop 4: Performance Management and Finance

Committee Members
Committee Member Bios

Colin G. Drury, State University of New York at Buffalo
Brig. General James B. Smith, U.S. Ambassador
Robert Anselmi, Retired
Alberto J. Galue, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport
Robert L. Goodman, The Innova Group
Wesley L. Harris, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Eugene Hubbard, RiVdium, Inc.
William S. Marras, The Ohio State University
Kimberley O'Keefe, United States Army
Cheryl Paullin, HumRRO
Fred S. Switzer, III, Clemson University
Brian Yolitz, Minnesota State University, Moorhead
  Upcoming Meetings

June 11-12, 2019 (Meeting #4), Keck Center
August 15-16, 2019 (Meeting #5), Irvine, CA
Early December, 2019 (Workshop #5), Keck Center


Veterans Health Administration


Cameron C. Oskvig, Director, Board on Infrastructure and the Constructed Environment, DEPS
Toby Warden, Director, Board on Human-Systems Integration, DBASSE
Daniel Talmage, Program Officer, Board on Human-Systems Integration, DBASSE
Kelly Arrington,
Senior Program Assistant, DBASSE
Heather Kreidler, Associate Program Officer, DBASSE
Joseph Palmer, Senior Project Assistant, DEPS
Erik Svedberg, Senior Program Officer, DEPS


Daniel Talmage,
(202) 334-2326




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