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Current Projects

Attracting and Retaining Students to Complete 2- and 4-year Undergraduate Degrees in STEM


Under the auspices of the Board on Science Education (in collaboration with the National Academy of Engineering, the Teacher Advisory Council, the Board on Life ciences,...

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Communicating Chemistry in Informal Settings
The proposed activity will characterize current efforts to communicate chemistry in informal settings and draw on existing research in order to develop a framework for effective communication.  This...

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Guidance on Implementing the Next Generation Science Standards

The release of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) in April 2013 marked a shift to focusing on state adoption and implementation of science education standards. The ecessary...

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Committee on Strengthening Science Education through a Teacher Learning Continuum

Under the auspices of the Board on Science Education, in collaboration with the Teacher Advisory Council, the committee* will identify the learning needs for teachers throughut...

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Successful Out-of-School STEM Learning: A Consensus Study

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