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Commissioned Papers

Highly Successful Schools or Programs for K-12 STEM Education: A Workshop



Engineering [for] Effectiveness in Mathematics Education: Intervention at the Instructional Core in an Era of Common Core Standards

Jere Confrey and Alan Maloney


Effective STEM Education Strategies for Diverse and Underserved Learners

Okhee Lee


Building on Learner Thinking: A Framework for Improving Learning and Assessment

Jim Minstrell, Ruth Anderson, and Min Li


Mathematics Learning and Diverse Students

Na’ilah Suad Nasir, Niral Shah, Jose Gutierrez, Nicole Louie, Kim Seashore, and Evra Baldinger,


Study of the Impact of Specialized Science High Schools

Rena Subtonik and Robert Tai


Stem Reform: Which Way to Go

William Schmidt


Delivering STEM Education through Career and Technical Education Schools and Programs

James Stone


Effective Stem Teacher Preparation, Induction, and Professional Development

Suzanne Wilson


Inclusive STEM Schools: Early Promise in Texas and Unanswered Questions

Viki Young


This paper was commissioned for the workshop on highly successful schools and programs in K-12 STEM education. The workshop was convened by the Board on Science Education in May, 2011 in Washington, DC with support from the National Science Foundation.
Opinions and statements included in the paper are solely those of the individual author, and are not necessarily adopted or endorsed or verified as accurate by the Board onScience Education or the National Academy of Sciences, including the National Academy of Engineering, Institute of Medicine, or National Research Council.

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