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Background Materials for Engaging Private Forestland Owners in Issues Related to Climate Change Workshop

Workshop Background
1. Workshop Agenda
2. Planning Committee Roster
3. Planning Committee Biosketches
4. Speaker Roster
5. Speaker Biosketches
The Changing U.S. Forests: Human and Climate Impacts
1. National Climate Assessment Report (draft for public comment): Forestry Chapter
Getting to Know Individual, Family, And Community Forestland Owners: Values and Knowledge
1. Bengston, D.N., Asah, S.T., and Butler, B.J. 2011. The diverse values and motivations of family forest owners in the United States: An analysis of an open-ended question in the National Woodland Owner Survey. Small-Scale Forestry. 10:339-355.
2. Grotta, A.T., Creighton, J.H., and Schnepf, C. (2012). Family forest owners and climate change: Understanding, attitudes, and educational needs. Journal of Forestry.
3. Leiserowitz, A., Maibach, E., Roser-Renouf, C., Feinberg, G. and Howe, P. (2013). Global Warming’s Six Americas, September 2012. Yale University and George Mason University. New Haven, CT: Yale Project on Climate Change Communication.
Communicating About Forests and Climate Change
1. Butler B., et. al. (2007). Understanding and reaching Family Forest Owners: Lessons from social marking research. Journal of Forestry.
2. Communities Committee (2008). Acquiring and managing a community-owned forest: A manual for communities.

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