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Presentations from the Engaging Individual, Family, and Community Forestland Owners on Issues Related to Climate Change

Overview: The Changing U.S. Forests: Human and Climate Impacts
The Changing U.S. Forest: Human and Climate Impacts, James Vose, U.S. Forest Service

Getting to Know Individual, Family and Community Forestland Owners: Values and Knowledge
U.S. Forest Service National Woodland Owner Survey, by Brett Butler, U.S. Forest Service and University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Family Forest Owners and Climate Change: Understanding, Attitudes, and Educational Needs, by Janean Creighton, Oregon State University
Tools for Engaging Landowners Effectively Lessons from Social Marketing Research, by Geoffrey Feinberg, Yale University and Mary Tyrrell, Yale University
Communicating About Forests and Climate Change
Regional Conservation Partnerships Engaging Family Forest Owners in New England & New York, by Bill Labich, Highstead
Online Communications: UMN Extension’s Myminnesotawoods Site, by Eli Sagor, University of Minnesota
Invasive Species Education Project, by Tamara Walkingstick, University of Arkansas
Community Forests Forestland Ownership and Climate Change, by Martha Lyman, Consultant (Founding Partner of Community Forest Collaborative)
PA Forest Stewards and Mitigating Change: Moving Woodland Owners toward Forest Legacy and Climate Change Actions, by Allyson Muth, Pennsylvania State University
Sustaining Colorado's Forests and Communities, by Lyle Laverty, The Laverty Group
Day 2 Introductions
Board on Environmental Change and Society (BECS), by Meredith Lane, BECS board director
Engaging with Forest Owners: Suggestions from the Perspective of the Social and Behavioral Sciences
Lessons from Social & Behavioral Sciences: Considerations for working with Family Forest Owners, Joe Heimlich, Ohio State University
Communicating Climate Change: Implications for Engaging Forest Owners, by Chris Clarke, George Mason University
Reflections from Forestry Stakeholders and Groups
James Houser, James Houser Consulting Foresters, LLC

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