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The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine
Board on Science Education
Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education

Barriers and Opportunities in Completing 2- and 4-Year STEM Degrees
Meeting 1

Implementing Change
Student Success in STEM, Adrianna Kezar, University of Southern California
Implementing Change, Charles Henderson, Western Michigan University
Specific and Cross Cutting Issues
The Community College Role in STEM Workforce Education, Michelle Van Noy, Rutgers University
Barriers and Opportunities: The Transition from 2 to 4-year Institutions, Pamela Brown, New York City College of Technology
Meeting 2

Mathematics and Undergraduate STEM Degrees
Cost of a STEM Degree
Differential Tuition and STEM, Casey E. George-Jackson, University of Illinois
Authentic STEM Experiences
Understanding Undergraduate Interventions in STEM: Insights from a National Study, Kevin Eagan, University of California, Los Angeles
Importance of Undergraduate Research to STEM Student Success, Elizabeth Ambos, Council on Undergraduate Research
Systems Approach to Improving Undergraduate STEM Instruction
Why does proof not result in change?, Karan Watson, Provost Texas A&M
Preparing the Next Generation of Faculty as Effective Teachers, Ann Austin, Michigan State University
Thriving Undergraduate STEM Programs: What Works, Robert Hilborn, American Association of Physics Teachers
Meeting 3: Workshop

Data on and for Persistence in Undergraduate STEM Majors
STEM Pathways among Students Who Start at Four-Year Colleges and Universities, Kevin Eagan, University of California, Los Angeles
Community College STEM Pathways, Michelle Van Noy, Rutgers University
For-Profit Pathways into STEM, Kevin Kinser, University of Albany
Monitoring and Supporting Persistence to STEM Degrees, Marco Molinaro, University of California, Davis
Improving the Culture of STEM Degree Attainment with Co-Curricular Supports
Case Examples of Co-Curricular Supports
Barriers and Opportunities to 2 and 4 Year STEM Degrees: An HSI Perspective, Benjamin Flores, Univeristy of Texas, El Paso
MESA Culture of Success: A Move Towards Praxis, Rafael Alvarez, San Diego City College
Experiences in a 2yr- 4yr STEM Partnership, Mark Filowitz, Cal State University, Fullerton, and Cher Carrera, Santa Ana College
Articulation and Transfer
Overview of National, State, and Local Regulations and Policies, Ken O'Donnell, California State University

These presentations were presented during public meeting sessions of the Committee on Barriers and Opportunities in Completing 2- and 4-Year STEM Degrees. Opinions and statements included in the presentation are solely those of the individual author, and are not necessarily adopted or endorsed or verified as accurate by the Board on Science Education or the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.

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