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The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine
Board on Science Education
Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education
 Roundtable on Systemic Change in Undergraduate STEM Education
 Project Description

This roundtable is being convened to enable leaders from across the STEM policy, research, and implementation communities of higher education to:

  1. learn from each other's efforts,
  2. work more efficiently to address complex issues related to undergraduate STEM education, and
  3. make collective decisions about future policies and priorities as well as plan their own work based on deeper
     understanding of the perspectives of other stakeholders in the system. 

The Roundtable will foster ongoing discussion of the challenges to and strategies for improving undergraduate STEM education among federal officials, the business community, policy makers, educators, and academic scientists, mathematicians, and engineers. It will provide major federal and national stakeholders with the foundational knowledge of the evidence base on systemic reform in higher education while fostering ongoing interdisciplinary discussions by gathering experts from the major stakeholder groups. Roundtable members will learn from each other and other invited experts about broad systemic issues such as policies and practices that can facilitate or impede reform, effective approaches to supporting students' learning and engagement, the needs of faculty members as such efforts move forward, how institutional leaders can encourage and support improvements, and strategies for identifying and generating resources to support reforms.  The major goals of the Roundtable are to:

  • make participating members aware of current evidence across multiple disciplines that can be used to guide
    systemic reforms in undergraduate STEM education (USE).
  • provide a formal mechanism for ongoing collaboration and communication among stakeholders.
  • advance discussion among stakeholders about systemic changes which can improve undergraduate STEM education
    at the state and national levels including articulation of challenges; identification of leverage points; and identification
    of the appropriate roles for federal, state, local, private, and non-profit organizations and institutions.
  • develop mechanisms to scale the implementation and dissemination of key findings/recommendations emerging from
    the portfolio of consensus studies being led by the Board on Science Education (BOSE) and the Board on Higher
    Education and the Workforce (BHEW) in the area of STEM education. 

Funding to initiate the roundtable is provided by the Keck Foundation.



Kerry Brenner, Study Director
Tiffany Taylor, Research Associate
Leticia Garcilazo Green, Senior Program Assistant




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