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Committee for the Five Year (2009-2013) Summative Evaluation of the District of Columbia Public Schools

The committee on the Independent Evaluation of DC Public Schools issued its report, A Plan for Evaluating the District of Columbia’s Public Schools, in 2011.   ► More information about the report


The report outlined the structure for an ongoing program of independent and objective evaluation, and recommended that the city establish a research consortium to carry it out. Since 2011, the NRC has worked with the Graduate School of Education and Human Development at George Washington University (GWU) and a group of local experts in research and evaluation to establish the DC Education Consortium on Research and Evaluation (DC-EdCORE). The new consortium will work closely with the NRC's new panel, the Committee for the DC Education Consortium on Research and Evaluation (DC-EdCORE), to carry out a two-year program of data analysis that will provide valuable information to the city about the progress of key efforts begun under PERAA.


The committee will:

• provide advice to the consortium,
• hold public meetings to discuss the annual reports and hear from community members about their questions and concerns, and
• issue a five-year evaluation report that will bring together the work of DC-EdCORE and other researchers and the input received during the NRC public meetings, to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the District’s experience with PERAA.


Project Scope

The National Research Council (NRC) will establish an ad-hoc committee to write a comprehensive five-year summative evaluation report for Phase Two of the initiative to evaluate the District of Columbia’s public schools. Consistent with the recommendations in the 2011 NRC report entitled A Plan for Evaluating the District of Columbia's Public Schools, the NRC will commission a local research consortium, DC-EdCORE, to carry out a set of studies that will provide input to the summative evaluation report. The issuance of the 2011 report completed Phase One of the initiative and DC-EdCORE was formed in response to the recommendations of that report. The new NRC committee will commission studies by DC-EdCORE and hold open meetings to discuss the results of DC-EdCORE studies and other relevant research. The committee will write a consensus evaluation report that describes changes in the public schools during the period from 2009 to 2013 and also addresses the questions outlined in the PERAA legislation about effects on business practices; human resources operations and human capital strategies; academic plans; and student achievement.


Carl Cohn (co-chair), School of Educational Studies, Claremont Graduate University
Lorraine McDonnell (co-chair), Department of Political Science, University of California,
Santa Barbara
Mark Dynarski, Pemberton Reasearch, LLC
David Figlio, Institute for Policy Research, Northwestern University
Sharon Lewis, Council of Great City Schools
Susanna Loeb, Center For Education Policy Analysis, Stanford University
Kent McGuire, Southern Education Foundation
Jenny Nagaoka, Consortium on Chicago School Research, The University of Chicago
Marion Orr, Department of Political Science, Brown University
Diana Pullin, Lynch School of Education, Boston College

DC-EdCORE Reports
The annual reports prepared by DC-EdCORE (DC Education Consortium on Research and Evaluation) on behalf of the committee are being made available by the DC Auditor. Please see the links below to the reports currently available:

Evaluation of the DC Public Education Reform Amendment Act (PERAA)- July 15, 2013



January 3, 2013- First Meeting

10:30am- 2:30pm

Keck Center

500 Fifth St., NW

Room 101

Washington, DC 20001



March 22, 2013- Second Meeting

Open Session- 1:00- 2:30pm

Keck Center

500 Fifth St., NW

Room 204

Washington, DC 20001


September 15-16, 2013- Third Meeting
Open Session- September 15- 1:30-5pm
Keck Center
500 Fifth St., NW
Room 100
Washington, DC 20001

December 11-12, 2013- Fourth Meeting
Keck Center
500 Fifth St., NW
Room 201
Washington, DC 20001

March 28-29, 2014- Fifth Meeting (CLOSED to the public)
Keck Center
500 Fifth St., NW
Room 105
Washington, DC 20001

November 1-2, 2014- Sixth Meeting (CLOSED to the public)
NAS Building
2101 Constitution Ave., NW
Room 118
Washington, DC



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