Friday, October 31, 2014 
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Testing Policy

Innovative Tests

Students with Disabilities and English Learners

Science Assessment

21st Century Skills

Teacher Evaluation

Education Data

Program Evaluation

Current Projects

Committee for the Five Year (2009-2013) Summative Evaluation of the District of Columbia Public Schools

The National Research Council (NRC) will establish an ad-hoc committee to write a comprehensive five-year summative evaluation report for Phase Two of the initiative to evaluate the District of Colmbia’s...

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Developing Assessment of Science Proficiency in K-12

The committee will make recommendations for strategies for developing assessments that validly measure student proficiency in science as laid out in the new K-12 science education framework. The comittee...

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Exploring an Integrated Descriptive Data System for Teacher Preparation

BOTA conducted a planning meeting to explore the potential for one or more projects at the NRC for improving available data about teacher preparation, following up on a recomendation...

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