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Board on Testing and Assessment
Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education


The Board on Testing and Assessment was created to assist policymakers and the public by providing scientific expertise around critical issues of testing and assessment in education and the workplace. BOTA’s fundamental role is to provide guidance about the technical qualities of tests and assessments and the consequences of their use.  The recent work of BOTA has included such topics as assessing 21st century skills, value-added methods, and innovative methods for assessment.
BOTA includes members from a range of disciplines relevant to testing and assessment, including psychology, statistics, education, economics, law, sociology, and political science, as well as practitioners with experience in test use. Formed under the auspices of the National Research Council, the operating arm of the National Academies, the Board combines the Academies' practice of drawing on the leading experts in the nation with its interest in providing scientific advice and guidance to public agencies and the general public on issues of significance.
The Board holds two meetings per year, during which members, sponsoring agency staff, and guests discuss current issues in testing and assessment, and hear presentations by invited researchers and policy makers. In addition, the Board offers the following menu of activities:
  • Workshops and conferences
  • Sessions at professional meetings
  • Research and policy papers
  • Study committees
  • Interagency staff discussions


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