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A Prioritized Plan to Implement a Developmental Approach in Juvenile Justice Reform

Project Scope

This committee is charged with assessing and prioritizing strategies and policies to effectively reform the juvenile justice system building on the recommendations from the 2013 report, Reforming Juvenile Justice: A Developmental Approach. The committee will assess the federal Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention's (OJJDP) activities and internal capacities to implement its legislative mandates on juvenile justice systems, policies, and practices; and, consult with experts and practitioners in the field of juvenile justice. The committee will also examine existing literature in three areas; implementation science, cross-agency collaboration and appropriate criteria for prioritization in the context of juvenile justice reform, including cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness analysis where applicable.


The study will conclude with a report documenting the committee's findings and proposing recommendations for OJJDP and, where appropriate other federal agencies, to implement a reform plan using a developmental approach. The committee may address budgetary considerations and recommendations from other OJJDP plans.

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Meeting #1:  January 21-22, 2014. 


Meeting #2:  February 13-14, 2014.  In the second meeting’s open session, the committee discussed access to and the quality of counsel, the role of State Advisory Groups, family engagement, and racial and ethnic disparities. The meeting also discussed the role of OJJDP within the larger OJP/DOJ, and the JJDPA Reauthorization.  ► Agenda 


Meeting #3:  March 26-27, 2014.   In the third meeting's open session, he committee will hear practitioner’s perspectives on the Federal Role in Reforming the Nation's Juvenile Justice System. There will also be inputs from state assembly leaders who have lead reform as well as state judges. The committee will also see presentations on racial and ethnic disparities and on data collection. ► Agenda


Information to join this meeting via webex on


Wednesday, March 26, 2014 (8:00 am - noon)


Thursday, March 27, 2014 (8:30 am - noon)



Richard J. Bonnie, Chair, Harrison Foundation Professor of Medicine and Law, Professor of Psychiatry
   and Neurobehavioral Sciences, Director, Institute of Law, Psychiatry and Public Policy, University of Virginia
Sam J. Abed, Secretary of Juvenile Services, Maryland Department of Juvenile Services
Grace Bauer, Executive Director, Justice for Families
Kevin J. Bethel, Deputy Commissioner, Patrol Operations, Philadelphia Police Department
Sandra A. Graham, Professor, Presidential Chair in Education and Diversity, UCLA,
   Graduate School of Education and Information Studies
The Honorable Maxwell Griffin, Jr., Associate Judge, Cook County Juvenile Court, Child Protection Division
Patricia Lee, Managing Attorney, San Francisco Office of the Public Defender, Juvenile Unit
Edward P. Mulvey, Professor of Psychiatry, University of Pittsburgh
Alex Piquero, Ashbel Smith Professor of Criminology, EPPS University of Texas at Dallas, and Adjunct Professor,
   Key Centre for Ethics, Law, Justice, and Governance, Griffith University Australia
Vincent Schiraldi, Commissioner, New York City Department of Probation
Cherie Townsend, Consultant
John A. Tuell, Executive Director, Robert F. Kennedy National Resource , Center for Juvenile Justice

Member bios


This project is sponsored by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, the Annie E. Casey Foundation, and the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

Project Staff

Arlene F. Lee, Board Director
Daniel Talmage, Study Director
Emily Backes, Research Associate
Julie Schuck, Senior Program Associate

Public Comment

The committee is interested in hearing from the field to inform the plan for OJJDP to reform the juvenile justice system using a developmental approach:

  • Have you encountered barriers that have made reform efforts more difficult? Are these at the federal, state or local level? What are these barriers?
  • In your experience, what has OJJDP done particularly well?
  • Are there any changes you would like to see made with regard to how the OJJDP grant funds are allocated or structured?
  • What has been the most useful OJJDP-provided/funded technical assistance, training or workshop you have attended, and why?
  • How can the T/TA from OJJDP be strengthened to support efforts to reform the juvenile justice system using a developmental approach?
  • What can the field/states do to help OJJDP in its mission to support the juvenile justice system?
  • What can OJJDP do to help the states or localities in their efforts to reform the juvenile justice system?
  • What can OJJDP do to ensure that families and youth are engaged at all levels of the juvenile justice system; from policy to program development to individual service plans?
  • What can OJJDP do to help reduce racial disparities in the juvenile justice system?
If you would like to make public comment to help the committee with its task, please use the comment button below. Please note that any comments made to the committee will be listed with your name and email address in the public access file of the project and will be available for any person to read.

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