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Committee on Law and Justice
Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education



Established in 1975, the Committee on Law and Justice’s independent, expert reports and other scientific activities identify new areas of research; assist in resolving scientific controversies; extend the research agenda in established areas; promote theory development; and advance research-based policies. The committee accomplishes these tasks through presentations, workshops, seminars, symposia, and studies on various topics of interest to the field.

The topics explored by the committee include:

  • Crime: Causes, Trends and Prevention
  • Investigation and Enforcement: Forensics, Policing and Regulation
  • Adjudication: Courts and Sentencing
  • Corrections: Incarceration and Supervision
  • Delinquency: Prevention, Intervention and Justice
  • Victims: Vulnerable Populations and Family Violence
  • Domestic and Personal Security: Terrorism and Cyber Security
  • Research: Data and Measurement
  • Evaluation: Programs and Policies

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