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The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine
Committee on National Statistics
Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education
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Workshop on Respondent Burden in the American Community Survey

March 8-9, 2016

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New Journal Issue Honors DBASSE Executive Director and His Wife

The January 2016 issue of The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science is dedicated to DBASSE Executive Director Robert M. Hauser and his late wife, Taissa Hauser, for their work on a variety of important social issues, including social stratification and mobility, social and economic inequality, education practices, and adolescent development. The journal issue, titled “Living in a High-Inequality Regime,” contains articles analyzing inequality amongst groups based on socioeconomic status, race, gender, and other characteristics and examining the impacts of inequality in such domains as health, the economy, criminal justice, politics, and social mobility. Most of the authors of the articles were students or close colleagues of Bob and Tess.

The articles are available for free online and can be downloaded at the SAGE website.

This site is intended to provide up-to-date information on the Committee's activities and findings. For those seeking specific statistical information or data, links to numerous statistical agencies have been provided for your convenience (Other Sites of Interest). We are, of course, happy to answer questions about any of our publications, projects, or public meetings. Please send any questions or comments to Eileen LeFurgy, CNSTAT Program Coordinator, at


Recent Reports

The Bicentennial Census:
New Directions for Methodology in 1990
30th Anniversary Edition

BicentCensusThis report reissues and makes available electronically the seminal 1985 report of a CNSTAT panel that studied methodological issues in conducting an accurate and cost-effective population census, The Bicentennial Census: New Directions for Methodology in 1990. In 1982, the Census Bureau requested the Committee on National Statistics to establish a panel to suggest research and experiments, to recommend improved methods, and to guide the Census Bureau on technical problems in appraising contending methods with regard to the conduct of the decennial census. In response, the panel produced an interim report that focused on recommendations for improvements in census methodology that warranted early investigation and testing. The interim report was followed by the panel’s final report, available for the first time in electronic format.

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Measuring Serious Emotional Disturbance in Children:
A Workshop Summary

Sad GirlThis report is the summary of a workshop held in June 2015 that brought together experts in child mental health, psychiatric epidemiology and survey methods to facilitate discussion of the most suitable measures and mechanisms for producing estimates of serious emotional disturbance in children, which are necessary to enable the distribution of block grants that support state-level mental health services for children.

More Information

Rationalizing Rural Area Classifications for the Economic Research Service: 
A Workshop Summary

Rural AreaLThis report is a summary of a workshop held in April 2015 to deliberate how rurality can best be conceptualized and measured in today’s economy and society and to help the Economic Research Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture make decisions regarding the generation of a county rural-urban scale for public use, taking into consideration the changed social and economic environment.

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Affordability of National Flood Insurance Program Premiums

NFIP Final Report CoverThis report provides input on ways of improving the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey (ACS), focusing on two priority areas: identifying methods that could improve the quality of the data available for small areas, and suggesting changes that would increase the survey's efficiency in responding to new data needs. This report considers changes that the ACS office should consider over the course of the next few years in order to further improve the ACS data and offers recommendations that will help the U.S. Census Bureau improve performance in several areas, which could lead to improved data products as the survey enters its next decade.

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