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The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine
Committee on National Statistics
Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education
Review of the 2010 Census
Project Scope

An ad hoc panel of experts will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the statistical methods and operational procedures for the 2010 census.  The panel will address, in particular, methods and procedures that may affect the completeness and quality of the census enumeration, including preparation of the Master Address File and associated spatial data, census operations affecting group quarters enumeration, housing unit enumeration, and completeness of census coverage, the Census Coverage Measurement Program's field, matching, and estimation activities, use of technology, and management of the 2010 census.  The panel will not only evaluate the 2010 census as such, but also draw lessons for design and planning for a more cost-effective 2020 census.  The panel will issue a final report at the completion of the 5-year study with its findings and recommendations and will issue one or more interim reports as needed to address particular topics for which it is important to provide an early assessment of 2010 operations and advice for 2020 census planning. The project is sponsored by the U.S. Bureau of the Census The approximate start date for the project is 5/26/09 One or more interim reports may be issued in the course of the project and a final report at the end.

Dr. Thomas M. Cook (Chair) - T.C.I. [Retired]
Dr. Jack Baker - The University of New Mexico
Dr. Warren Brown - University of Georgia
Mr. Donald F. Cooke - Tele Atlas
Dr. Ivan P. Fellegi - Statistics Canada
Dr. Arthur M. Geoffrion - University of California, Los Angeles
Dr. Susan Hanson - Clark University
Dr. Michael Larsen - The George Washington University
Dr. George T. Ligler - GTL Associates
Dr. Janet L. Norwood - Independent Consultant
Nathaniel Schenker - National Center for Health Statistics
Dr. Judith A. Seltzer - University of California, Los Angeles
Dr. C. Matthew Snipp - Stanford University
For more information, see the complete record at the National Academies' Current Project site

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