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The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine
Committee on National Statistics
Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education
SciSIP Principal Investigators' Conference
September 20-21, 2012

National Academy of Sciences
2101 Constitution Avenue NW
Washington, DC

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On September 20-21, 2012, the National Academy of Sciences hosted a conference in Washington DC for grantees of NSF’s Science of Science and Innovation Policy (SciSIP) program.

Intended to be the largest gathering of SciSIP principal investigators since the program’s inception in 2006, the two-day conference was designed to facilitate scholarly exchanges between SciSIP award recipients and foster intellectual exchange among funded researchers of the SciSIP program and STI policy practitioners. Plenary sessions featured path-breaking research by PIs and presentations by prominent policymakers and researchers from the natural sciences and engineering (the activities which the PIs study); while concurrent sessions facilitated discussions among PIs on specific research themes and methods. Poster and demonstration sessions provided opportunities for dialog between practitioners and researchers. 

Topics addressed at the event highlighted advances in the emerging SciSIP field, including models, frameworks, tools, and datasets comprising the evidentiary basis for science and innovation policy. Presentations by SciSIP researchers focused on several themes, such as: (1) Implementing Science Policy (includes the politics of science policy); (2) Scientific Discovery Processes; (3) Human Capital; (4) Organizations, Institutions, and Networks; (5) Innovation; (6) Data Extraction and Measurement; (7) Mapping Science; and (8) Assessment and Program Evaluation.

Committee Background InformationPanel Biographical Sketches
Commissioned PapersErin Leahey, University of Arizona

Shaping Scientific Work: The Organization of Knowledge Communities

Dean Keith Simonton, University of California, Davis

Assessing Scientific Creativity: Conceptual Analyses of Assessment Complexities

Albert H. Teich, George Washington University

Making Policy Research Relevant to Policy

Conference Documents

Conference Invitation

Presenter and Discussant Biographical Sketches
Presentations and Posters

(Please note that the presentations included here may be subject to copyright restrictions of the individual presenters.)

Timothy Sturgeon and Clair Brown
The 2010 National Organizations Survey: U.S. Organizations, Global Value Chains, and Domestic Jobs

Ernst Berndt and Iain Cockburn
Price Indexes for Clinical Trial Research: A Feasibility Study

Noah Feinstein, Daniel Kleinman, and Greg Downey
Who and When is Private? Exploring the Edges of Public-ness at an Interdisciplinary Research Institute
Erik Fisher
Lab-based Socio-Technical Collaborations: Possibility, Utility, and Meaning
Lee Fleming
Disambiguation and Co-authorship Networks of the U.S. Patent Inventor Database

Lee Branstetter and Matthew Higgins
Killing the Golden Goose: Accelerated Genetic Entry and the Incentives for High-Risk Pharmaceutical R&D

Lisa PytlikZillig, Alan Tomkins, and Myiah Hutchens
Developing a Social-Cognitive Model of Public Engagement with Science & Innovation Policy

Julia Lane
Big Data, Science Metrics and the Role of Science Policy

Catherine Eckel, James Murdoch, and Tammy Leonard
Energy Policy for the Poor: An Assessment of Subsidized Weatherization Programs to Reduce Residential Energy Usage

Eric Stuen, Ahmed Mobarak, and Keith Maskus
Skilled Immigration and Innovation: Evidence from Enrollment Fluctuations in U.S. Doctoral Programs

Leah Nichols
Applications of the NSF Portfolio Explorer: A Topic Model Approach to Portfolio Assessment
M-H. Carolyn Nguyen
Modern Computing: Technology, Policy, and the Ecosystem
Jason Owen-Smith
From Bank, to Bench, to Breakthrough: The Effects of Funding Policies on Human Stem Cell Science
Susannah Paletz
Unpacking Social and Cognitive Processes in Science and Engineering Team Innovation
Amy Pienta
The Role PI & Institutional Characteristics Play in Shaping Data Sharing Behavior
Alan Porter and Ismael Rafols
Interdisciplinarity: Its Bibliometric Evaluation and Its Influence in Research Outputs
Bill Ribarsky
Analyzing the Impact of Science Funding Programs on the Evolution of Research Fields

Daniel Sarewitz
Extracting and Assessing the Public Values of Science and Innovation Policies or Moving from Outputs to Outcomes in SIP Assessment

Scott Stern
The Impact of Open Impact Institutions and Policy on Life Sciences Research
Ping Wang and Jia Sun
Community Ecology for IT Innovation
Kim TallBear
Constituting Knowledge Across Cultures of Expertise and Tradition: Indigenous Bio-scientists
Mark Zachary Taylor
Does Culture Matter for National Innovation Rates?

Lin Jiang, Jerry Thursby, and Marie Thursby
Communication, Collaboration, and Communication in Scientific Research

Hyun-Woo Kim, Zhen Lei, Brian Wright, and John Yen
Mapping Academic Patents to Papers

Reference MaterialsCatherine Eckel, Tammy Leonard, and James Murdoch Poster Abstract

Bill Ribarsky, Wenwen Dou, and Yang Chen Poster Abstract


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