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The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine
Committee on National Statistics
Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education
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The Social and Behavioral Sciences in K-12 Education: Past, Present, and Future: Proceedings of a Workshop–in Brief  (CNSTAT)

The ability to meet many of society’s challenges requires an understanding of human behavior. From health to education to business to homeland security, the social and behavioral sciences (SBS)—which... Read more

Evaluation of the Achievement Levels for Mathematics and Reading on the National Assessment of Educational Progress  (CNSTAT,BOTA)

Since 1969, the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) has been providing policymakers, educators, and the public with reports on academic performance and progress of the nation’s... Read more

Innovations in Federal Statistics: Combining Data Sources While Protecting Privacy  (CNSTAT)

Federal government statistics provide critical information to the country and serve a key role in a democracy. For decades, sample surveys with instruments carefully designed for particular data needs... Read more

Principles and Practices for Federal Program Evaluation: Proceedings of a Workshop–in Brief  (CNSTAT)

In October 2016 the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine held a 1-day public workshop on principles and practices for federal program evaluation. Participants focused on reviews... Read more

Improving Collection of Indicators of Criminal Justice System Involvement in Population Health Data Programs: Proceedings of a Workshop  (CNSTAT)

In the U.S. criminal justice system in 2014, an estimated 2.2 million people were in incarcerated or under correctional supervision on any given day, and another 4.7 million were under community... Read more

Advancing Concepts and Models for Measuring Innovation: Proceedings of a Workshop  (CNSTAT)

Because of the role of innovation as a driver of economic productivity and growth and as a mechanism for improving people's well-being in other ways, understanding the nature,determinants, and impacts... Read more

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