Sunday, November 23, 2014 
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Forum on Open Science

The Forum on Open Science will facilitate discussions on how the full opportunities of opening science might be realized. It will provide a venue for candid, ongoing discussions to identify barriers to open science and determine key questions for industry, academic, and government efforts related to opening science.
The Forum on Open Science will evolve over time, but will aim to serve as a conduit for conversations on the development of open science that will include the following topics:

  • Barriers to open science and potential partnerships and initiatives that could help overcome them;
  • Potential commercial opportunities in open science;
  • Infrastructure systems that will facilitate opening science and models for supporting them;
  • Pilot studies to advance broad access to scientific results with a particular focus on how to make scientific data available and useful;
  • Impact on commercial, non-profit enterprises, and institutes of higher education of various models of open science; and
  • Research needed to fill data gaps on implementation of various open science models.

Staff Director: Meredith Lane

The National Academies