Sunday, November 23, 2014 
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Behavior and Cognition

Children, Youth, and Families

Defense and National Security

Economy and the Workforce


Humans, Systems, and Technologies

Law, Crime, and Justice

National Surveys and Statistics

Population and Demography

Research Quality and Use

Society and the Environment

Testing and Assessment

DBASSE Mission
The Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education – one of five divisions within the National Research Council – works to advance the frontiers of the behavioral and social sciences and their applications to public policy.
The goal of our work is to provide independent, evidence-based advice to decision-makers on key questions of national importance, such as:    
  • What is the best way to measure levels of poverty in the United States?
  • How do parents, teachers, and policymakers know how well students are learning?
  • How can the public participate most effectively in decision-making about the environment?
  • Why does life expectancy differ greatly among high-income countries, and how can the answer to that question help increase the life expectancy of Americans in the future?
To answer questions such as these, we gather experts from many disciplines who volunteer their services on study committees to provide independent, objective advice to federal agencies, Congress, foundations, and others through publicly issued reports. DBASSE produces over 30 such reports a year.
In addition to our reports, we hold workshops and symposia where researchers and policy makers can deepen their understanding of research in the social and behavioral sciences and related policy issues.


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