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Improving Adult Literacy Instruction: Options for Practice and Research

Report Briefs and Booklets


The National Research Council developed a series of shorter publications based on the report Improving Adult Literacy Instruction to summarize its main messages for a range of readers – the general public, policymakers, researchers, and practitioners.

Report Briefs  




Report brief:
Offers an overview
of the report’s findings
and recommendations.


Policy brief:
Highlights report findings
of interest to federal, state, and
local policymakers.


Research brief:

Intended for those who

conduct or sponsor

research on adult literacy, this brief identifies future research needs.


Based on the report Improving Adult Literacy: Options for Practice and Research, these booklets offer principles and practices for strengthening various aspects of instruction. Intended to be a useful resource for those who design or administer adult literacy courses or programs, the booklets may also be of interest to teachers and tutors.

Improving Adult Literacy Instruction: 

Developing Reading and Writing

Improving Adult Literacy Instruction: 

Supporting Learning and Motivation


This booklet gives an overview of how

literacy develops and explains instructional

practices that can help adults learn to read

and write.   


To order print copies, visit

National Academies Press


This booklet explains the principles that

instructors can follow to support literacy

learning and student's motivation to presist in

their studies.  The booklet also explores promising technologies for adult literacy. 


To order print copies, visit

National Academies Press


The National Academies

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