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Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education

The Henry and Bryna David Lecture


The Henry and Bryna David Endowment awards innovative research in the behavioral and social sciences by selecting a leading expert and researcher to write an article in their field to be presented at the National Academy of Sciences and published in Issues in Science and Technology

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2015 Award  

Communicating the Value and Values of Science 
Kathleen_Hall_Jamieson Dr. Kathleen Hall Jamieson
Elizabeth Ware Packard Professor of Communication
Annenberg School for Communication, and
Walter and Leonore Annenberg Director 
Annenberg Public Policy Center
University of Pennsylvania (Bio)

Watch Dr. Jamieson's lecture
2014 Awards  

Climate Clubs: How to prevent free-riding in international environmental agreements
William Nordhaus Dr. William D. Nordhaus
Sterling Professor of Economics; Cowles Foundation
Yale University (

Watch Dr. Nordhaus' lecture

21st Century Inequality:  Does Discrimination Still Matter?
Roland FryerL Dr. Roland Fryer
Robert M. Beren Professor of Economics
Harvard University (Bio)

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Read the article in
Issues in Science and Technology
2013 Award     
Is American Science in Decline?   
Yu Xie 

Dr. Yu Xie

Otis Dudley Duncan Professor, Sociology and Statistics
     Research Professor, Institute for Social Research

University of Michigan (Bio)

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Read the article in
Issues in Science and Technology


2012 Award   

Improving Defense Acquisition with State-of-the-Art Statistics and Systems Engineering



Dr. Vijay Nair (bio)

Donald A. Darling Professor, Department of Statistics and

    Professor, Department of Industrial and Operations Engineering

University of Michigan


► Watch the lecture 


2011 Award  
Should the Science of Adolescent Brain Development Inform Public Policy?
David Lecture 

Dr. Lawrence Steinberg (bio)

Distinguished University Professor and

   Laura H. Carnell Professor of Psychology

Temple University


Watch the lecture

► Read the article in Issues in Science and Technology

2010 Award  
Rules versus Technologies as the Escape from Great Distress
 Paul Romer 

Dr. Paul Romer (bio)

Senior Fellow, SCID (Stanford Center for International

  Development) and SIEPR (Stanford Institute for Economic

  Policy Research)

Stanford University


►  Watch the lecture

 Read the article in Issues in Science and Technology

2009 Award  
The Affordability Problem: How Colleges and Government Can Work Together   

Dr. Bridget Long (bio)

Professor of Education and Economics

Harvard Graduate School of Education


Read the article in Issues in Science and Technology 

2008 Award  
The Role of Technology Transfer in Economic Development: Asian Successes vs. Middle Eastern Failures   

Dr. Howard Pack (bio)

Professor of Business and Public Policy and

  Professor of Management 

Wharton School

University of Pennsylvania


Listen to the Lecture (mp3)

Powerpoint Presentation

Read the article in Issues in Science and Technology

2006 Award  
Growing Old or Living Long: Take Your Pick  

Dr. Laura Carstensen (bio)

Director of the Stanford Center on Longevity and

  Professor of Psychology

Stanford University


Powerpoint Presentation

Read the article in Issues in Science and Technology 

2004 Award  
Economics, Computer Science, and Policy

Dr. Michael Kearns (bio)

Professor and National Center Chair

Department of Computer and Information Science

University of Pennsylvania


Read the article in Issues in Science and Technology

2002 Award  
Memory Faults and Fixes

Dr. Elizabeth F. Loftus (bio)

Distinguished Professor of Social Ecology, and

  Professor of Law, and Cognitive Science

University of California, Irvine


Read the article in Issues in Science and Technology



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