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Strategies for Scaling Effective Family-Focused Preventive Interventions to Promote Children's Cognitive, Affective, and Behavioral Health: Workshop Summary  (BOCYF,IOM)

Over the last three decades, researchers have made remarkable progress in creating and testing family-focused programs aimed at fostering the cognitive, affective, and behavioral health of children.... Read more

Data and Research to Improve the U.S. Food Availability System and Estimates of Food Loss: A Workshop Report  (CNSTAT)

The United States Department of Agriculture's (USDA s) Economic Research Service's (ERS) Food Availability Data System includes three distinct but related data series on food and nutrient... Read more

Sociality, Hierarchy, Health: Comparative Biodemography: Papers from a Workshop  (CPOP)

Sociality, Hierarchy, Health: Comparative Biodemography is a collection of papers that examine cross-species comparisons of social environments with a focus on social behaviors along with social... Read more

Issues in Returning Individual Results from Genome Research Using Population-Based Banked Specimens, with a Focus on the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey: A Workshop Summary  (CNSTAT)

Population surveys traditionally collect information from respondents about their circumstances, behaviors, attitudes, and other characteristics. In recent years, many surveys have been collecting not... Read more

The Context of Military Environments: An Agenda for Basic Research on Social and Organizational Factors Relevant to Small Units  (BBCSS)

The United States Army faces a variety of challenges to maintain a ready and capable force into the future. Missions are increasingly diverse, ranging from combat and counterinsurgency to negotiation,... Read more

STEM Learning Is Everywhere: Summary of a Convocation on Building Learning Systems  (TAC)

Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) permeate the modern world. The jobs people do, the foods they eat, the vehicles in which they travel, the information they receive, the... Read more

Implementing Juvenile Justice Reform: The Federal Role  (CLAJ)

In the past decade, a number of state, local, and tribal jurisdictions have begun to take significant steps to overhaul their juvenile justice systems - for example, reducing the use of juvenile... Read more

Building Capacity to Reduce Bullying: Workshop Summary  (BOCYF,CLAJ,IOM)

Bullying - long tolerated as just a part of growing up - finally has been recognized as a substantial and preventable health problem. Bullying is associated with anxiety, depression, poor school... Read more

The Cost of Inaction for Young Children Globally: Workshop Summary  (BOCYF,BGH,IOM)

The Cost of Inaction for Young Children Globally is the summary of a workshop hosted by the Institute of Medicine Forum on Investing in Young Children Globally in April 2014 to focus on investments in... Read more

Can Earth's and Society's Systems Meet the Needs of 10 Billion People?: Summary of a Workshop  (BECS,CPOP,BLS)

The Earth's population, currently 7.2 billion, is expected to rise at a rapid rate over the next 40 years. Current projections state that the Earth will need to support 9.6 billion people by the year... Read more

Safe Science: Promoting a Culture of Safety in Academic Chemical Research  (BCST,BOHSI)

Recent serious and sometimes fatal accidents in chemical research laboratories at United States universities have driven government agencies, professional societies, industries, and universities... Read more

Hearing Loss and Healthy Aging: Workshop Summary  (HSP,IOM)

Being able to communicate is a cornerstone of healthy aging. People need to make themselves understood and to understand others to remain cognitively and socially engaged with families, friends, and... Read more

Climate Change Education: Engaging Family Private Forest Owners on Issues Related to Climate Change: A Workshop Summary  (BOSE)

The forested land in the United States is an asset that is owned and managed not only by federal, state, and local governments, but also by families and other private groups, including timber... Read more

Climate Change Education: Preparing Future and Current Business Leaders: A Workshop Summary  (BOSE)

Climate change poses challenges as well as opportunities for businesses and, broadly speaking for the entire economy. Businesses will be challenged to provide services or products with less harmful... Read more

Furthering America's Research Enterprise  

Scientific research has enabled America to remain at the forefront of global competition for commercially viable technologies and other innovations. For more than 65 years, the United States has led... Read more

Civic Engagement and Social Cohesion: Measuring Dimensions of Social Capital to Inform Policy  (CNSTAT)

People's bonds, associations and networks - as well as the civil, political, and institutional characteristics of the society in which they live - can be powerful drivers affecting the quality of life... Read more

Literacy for Science: Exploring the Intersection of the Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core for ELA Standards: A Workshop Summary  (BOSE)

The recent movement in K-12 education toward common standards in key subjects represents an unprecedented opportunity for improving learning outcomes for all students. These standards initiatives -... Read more

The National Children's Study 2014: An Assessment  (CNSTAT,BOCYF,IOM)

The National Children's Study (NCS) was authorized by the Children's Health Act of 2000 and is being implemented by a dedicated Program Office in the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child... Read more

Transportation Research Board Special Report 314: Federal Aviation Administration's Approach for Determining Future Air Traffic Controller Staffing Needs  (BOHSI)

TRB Special Report 314: The Federal Aviation Administration s Approach for Determining Future Air Traffic Controller Staffing Needs examines the methods used by the Federal Aviation Administration... Read more

Pathways to Exploration: Rationales and Approaches for a U.S. Program of Human Space Exploration  (SSB,ASEB,CNSTAT)

The United States has publicly funded its human spaceflight program on a continuous basis for more than a half-century, through three wars and a half-dozen recessions, from the early Mercury and... Read more

Developing Assessments for the Next Generation Science Standards  (BOTA,BOSE)

Assessments, understood as tools for tracking what and how well students have learned, play a critical role in the classroom. Developing Assessments for the Next Generation Science Standards develops... Read more

The Growth of Incarceration in the United States: Exploring Causes and Consequences  (CLAJ)

After decades of stability from the 1920s to the early 1970s, the rate of imprisonment in the United States more than quadrupled during the last four decades. The U.S. penal population of 2.2 million... Read more

Estimating the Incidence of Rape and Sexual Assault  (CNSTAT)

The Bureau of Justice Statistics' (BJS) National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) measures the rates at which Americans are victims of crimes, including rape and sexual assault, but there is concern... Read more

Sustainable Infrastructures for Life Science Communication: Workshop Summary  (BLS,BOSE)

Advances in the life sciences - from the human genome to biotechnology to personalized medicine and sustainable communities - have profound implications for the well-being of society and the natural... Read more

Science of Science and Innovation Policy: Principal Investigators' Conference Summary  (CNSTAT)

The National Science Foundation developed the Science of Science and Innovation Policy program (SciSIP) in 2006 to fund basic and applied research that bears on and can help guide public- and... Read more

Proposed Revisions to the Common Rule for the Protection of Human Subjects in the Behavioral and Social Sciences  (BBCSS,CNSTAT,CPOP,HSP)

Proposed Revisions to the Common Rule for the Protection of Human Subjects in the Behavioral and Social Sciences examines how to update human subjects protections regulations so that they effectively... Read more

Considerations in Applying Benefit-Cost Analysis to Preventive Interventions for Children, Youth, and Families: Workshop Summary  (BOCYF,IOM)

Benefit-cost analyses hold great promise for influencing policies related to children, youth, and families. By comparing the costs of preventive interventions with the long-term benefits of those... Read more

New Directions in Child Abuse and Neglect Research  (BOCYF)

Each year, child protective services receive reports of child abuse and neglect involving six million children, and many more go unreported. The long-term human and fiscal consequences of child abuse... Read more

STEM Integration in K-12 Education: Status, Prospects, and an Agenda for Research  (BOSE)

STEM Integration in K-12 Education examines current efforts to connect the STEM disciplines in K-12 education. This report identifies and characterizes existing approaches to integrated STEM... Read more

Financing Long-Term Services and Supports for Individuals with Disabilities and Older Adults: Workshop Summary  (HSP,IOM)

Financing Long-Term Services and Supports for Individuals with Disabilities and Older Adults is the summary of a workshop convened in June 2013 by the Forum on Aging, Disability, and Independence of... Read more

Sports-Related Concussions in Youth: Improving the Science, Changing the Culture  (BOCYF,IOM)

In the past decade, few subjects at the intersection of medicine and sports have generated as much public interest as sports-related concussions - especially among youth. Despite growing awareness of... Read more

Global Violence Prevention: Six-Volume Set  (BGH,BOCYF,CLAJ)

Violence - for example, child abuse, intimate partner violence, elder abuse, sexual violence, gang violence, and suicide - is a major public health problem worldwide. In 2001, violence accounted for... Read more

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