Monday, November 24, 2014 
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Roundtables and Forums of DBASSE

Roundtables and forums are types of convening activities of the National Academies that provide a means for representatives of government, industry, and academia to gather periodically for the identification and discussion of issues of mutual concern on a continuing basis.

Climate Change Education Roundtable
The roundtable fosters ongoing discussion of the challenges to and strategies for improving climate science and climate change education for the general public, and for students in elementary, secondary and post-secondary education. The roundtable also focuses on strategies for improving the capacity for climate-related decision-making of resource managers and policy makers, and discusses implications for workforce development in professions that are strongly influenced by climate change.

Forum on Aging, Disability, and Independence 
(joint activity with the Institute of Medicine)
The forum provides a neutral venue for broad ranging discussions for coordination and integration of aging and disability stakeholders, particularly among public and private entities,  with the ultimate goal to serve all individuals with respect to long-term supports and services preferences regardless of age or disability.

Forum on Open Science
The forum will provide a venue for candid, ongoing discussions to identify barriers to open science and determine key questions for industry, academic, and government efforts related to opening science.

Policy Roundtable of the Behavioral and Social Sciences

The roundtable brings together policymakers, government producers of data and research, funders of behavioral and social science research, and relevant academic and other researchers who have had policy experience in the federal government to explore ways in which the behavioral and social sciences can better inform and otherwise contribute to more effective and efficient policies and programs of government.

Roundtable on the Application of Social and Behavioral Science Research
The roundtable is premised on the idea that there is a need for better public understanding of the usefulness of SBS research and a commensurate need for researchers to improve their understanding of how, when, and what types of SBS research are used by industry, and the education, military, and public health communities.

Roundtable on Crime Trends
The roundtable focuses on crime trends, such as the crime decline of the past 20 years, explore its policy and operations implications and relevance for future prevention and enforcement efforts, and discusses ways to inform a long-term research agenda.

Roundtable on the Public Interfaces of the Life Sciences 
(joint activity with the Division on Earth and Life Sciences)
The roundtable is a forum to facilitate on-going discussion and information exchange among life scientists engaged in research, social scientists who study science communication, and professional communication practitioners.
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