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The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine
Roundtable on the Communication and Use of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Roundtable on the Communication and Use of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education
Mission and Goals

The mission of this roundtable is to support the communication and use of reliable and relevant scientific research for decision-making.  While focused on topics that pertain to social and behavioral sciences (SBS), roundtable activities often will speak to the communication and use of research from all science.

The ability to meet most of society’s challenges requires an understanding of human behavior. From health to education to homeland security, advances in SBS have contributed to solving important problems for individuals, organizations, and society. However, connecting decision-makers in government and the private sector with reliable knowledge that can meet their needs and address the concerns of the broader public is complex and requires strategic approaches.

Our goals are to identify, develop, and disseminate models, resources and guidance to support:

  1. Strengthening on-going relationships between SBS scientists and decision-makers.
  2. Systematic identification, synthesis and building of reliable and relevant knowledge from SBS on issues that matter to decision-makers and the broader public.
  3. Clear communication of what is known from SBS on questions that matter to policy makers and society.
  4. Creating capacity and resources for the communication of SBS for various purposes.
  5. Conducting SBS research to improve communication about science to the public, government and private sectors.

To achieve these goals the roundtable brings together those that produce SBS research, those who communicate it, and those who use it. Roundtable members include professionals with expertise in social and behavioral science, communication, business, public health, education, national defense, and federal and state policy.

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