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The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine
Roundtable on the Communication and Use of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Roundtable on the Communication and Use of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education

Roundtable members include professionals with expertise in social and behavioral science, communication, business, public health, education, national defense, and federal and state policy.  The roundtable convenes broader groups of SBS producers, communicators, and consumers to inform its activities and products.

Arthur Lupia
(Chair), Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan
Hon. Brian Baird, 4Pir2 Communications
Karen Bogenschneider, School of Human Ecology, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Erin Fitzgerald, Minerva Research Institute, Office of the Secretary of Defense
Camille Gamboa, SAGE
Howard Kurtzman, Science Directorate, American Psychological Association
Tom LaForge, Culture Agency
David Lam, Institute for Social Research, Department of Economics, University of Michigan
Felice J. Levine, American Educational Research Association
Sheri Roder, Horizon Media Inc.
Tobin Smith, Association of American Universities
Robin Stryker, School of Sociolo
gy, University of Arizona
Barbara L. Wolfe, Institute for Research on Poverty, University of Wisconsin-Madison

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