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STEM Learning is Everywhere: A Convocation

February 9-11, 2014
Arnold and Mabel Beckman Center

Kids in AquariumThis event engaged more than 100 paricipants in discussions and conversations about integrating STEM learning in the formal, informal, and after-school learning communities. Through a series of plenary and breakout sessions, participants focused on the following goals and objectives:

  • Define the problem...with more strategic, integrated approaches to STEM learning across learning platforms
  • Identify the challenges and opportunities…associated with developing a learning ecosystem
  • What are the key attributes and characteristics…for possible prototypes of strategic collaborations to move forward?
  • Disseminate the prototypes...for community uses
  • Secure attendee commitments…to work on these issues for the ensuing 18 months moving forward with plans of action
A summary report from the convocation will be available in summer 2014.

The convocation was organized under the auspices of the National Academies Teacher Advisory Council in association with the California Teacher Advisory Council.

More Information about the convocation (including agenda, powerpoint presentations, list of participants, presenter biosketches, steering committee members, and sponsoring foundations)



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