Monday, November 24, 2014 
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Society and Environment

Because humans both affect and are affected by their environment, the social and behavioral sciences have important insights to contribute to questions about environmental decision making and management of national resources. Our projects have explored issues such as how public participation affects the quality of environmental decisions, how the federal government can communicate effectively about climate change to local decision-makers, and why people choose to either sustain or deplete commonly held resources.  See also:

Current Projects

Risk Management and Governance Issues in Shale Gas Extraction

A steering committee established by the National Research Council will organize two workshops to examine the range of social and decision-making issues in risk characterization and governance related...


Sustainability Science: Preparing for 9 Billion on the Planet

This project will be a public workshop that will examine key underlying paradigms of both social and natural science, as they relate to human population size, population growth, aging populations, migration toward cities, and differential consumption, land use change, .....


Climate and Social Stress: Implications for Security Analysis  (BECS)

Climate change can reasonably be expected to increase the frequency and intensity of a variety of potentially disruptive environmental events--slowly at first, but then more quickly. It is prudent to... Read more

Effective Tracking of Building Energy Use: Improving the Commercial Buildings and Residential Energy Consumption Surveys  (CNSTAT,BEES)

The United States is responsible for nearly one-fifth of the world's energy consumption. Population growth, and the associated growth in housing, commercial floor space, transportation, goods, and... Read more

A Review of the U.S. Global Change Research Program's Strategic Plan  (BASC,BECS)

The U.S. government supports a large, diverse suite of activities that can be broadly characterized as "global change research." Such research offers a wide array of benefits to the nation, in terms... Read more

Climate Change Education: Goals, Audiences, and Strategies: A Workshop Summary  (BECS,BOSE)

The global scientific and policy community now unequivocally accepts that human activities cause global climate change. Although information on climate change is readily available, the nation still... Read more

Facilitating Climate Change Responses:A Report of Two Workshops on Insights from the Social and Behavioral Sciences  (BECS)

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, understanding the need for policy makers at the national level to entrain the behavioral and social sciences in addressing the challenges of global climate... Read more

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