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Testing and Assessment

How to measure what students know is one of the most complex and controversial aspects of education. Our studies explore all aspects of measurement and assessment, techniques and technologies for assessment, test policy, and the use of tests in accountability systems. Our work also examines assessment in the workplace and its use in human resources planning.  See also:

Download the booklet, Lessons Learned About Testing: Ten Years of Work at the National Research Council.
Current Projects

Committee for the Five Year (2009-2013) Summative Evaluation of the District of Columbia's Public Schools 

The committee will write a consensus evaluation report that describes changes in the public schools during the period from 2009 to 2013 and also addresses the questions outlined in the PERAA legislation about effects on business practices; human resources operations and human capital strategies; academic plans; and student achievement. 


Developing Assessment of Science Proficiency in K-12

The committee will make recommendations for strategies for developing assessments that validly measure student proficiency in science as laid out in the new K-12 science education framework....


Reports of Interest

Assessing 21st Century Skills: Summary of a Workshop  (BOTA)

The routine jobs of yesterday are being replaced by technology and/or shipped off-shore. In their place, job categories that require knowledge management, abstract reasoning, and personal services... Read more

Incentives and Test-Based Accountability in Education  (BOTA)

In recent years there have been increasing efforts to use accountability systems based on large-scale tests of students as a mechanism for improving student achievement. The federal No Child Left... Read more

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