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Rationale and Goals of the U.S. Civil Space Program

A committee will prepare a report to advise the nation on key goals and critical issues in 21st century U.S. civil space policy. The committee will identify overarching goals that are important for our national interest. Issues that are critically important to achieving these goals and ensuring the future progress of the U.S. civil space program will be identified, and options to address unresolved issues will be discussed. Using its best objective judgment and recognizing other national priorities, the committee will explore a possible long term future for U.S. civil space activities that is built upon lessons learned and past successes; is based on realistic expectations of future resources; and is credible scientifically, technically, and politically.

America's Future in Space: Aligning the Civil Space Program with National Needs


Gen. Lester L. Lyles - (Chair)
The Lyles Group

Dr. Raymond S. Colladay - (Co-Vice Chair)
Lockheed Martin Astronautics [Retired]

Dr. Lennard A. Fisk - (Co-Vice Chair)
University of Michigan

Dr. Jay Apt

Carnegie Mellon University

MajGen James B. Armor, Jr.
The Armor Group, LLC

Dr. Wanda M. Austin
The Aerospace Corporation

Dr. David Baltimore
California Institute of Technology

Mr. Robert Bednarek

Dr. Joseph A. Burns
Cornell University

Mr. Pierre Chao
Center for Strategic and International Studies

Dr. Kenneth S. Flamm
The University of Texas at Austin

Dr. Joan Johnson-Freese
U.S. Naval War College

Dr. Paul D. Nielsen
Carnegie Mellon University

Prof. Michael S. Turner
The University of Chicago

Dr. Thomas H. Vonder Haar
Colorado State University