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Committee for the Review of NASA's Aviation Safety-Related Programs

Advancing Aeronautical Safety: A Review of NASA's Aviation Safety-Related Research Programs

Project Scope

The National Research Council's Aeronautics and Space Engineering Board, in conjunction with the Transportation Research Board, will establish an ad hoc study committee to conduct an independent review of NASA's aviation safety-related research programs. The review shall assess whether:

(1) the programs have well-defined, prioritized, and appropriate research objectives;

(2) the programs are properly coordinated with the safety research programs of the Federal Aviation Administration and other relevant Federal agencies;

(3) the programs have allocated appropriate resources to each of the research objectives; and

(4) suitable mechanisms exist for transitioning the research results from the programs into operational technologies and procedures and certification activities in a timely manner.

Dr. H. Norman Abramson; NAE (Chair; 6/11/2009 -- 9/30/2010) Southwest Research Institute [Retired]

Dr. Ella M. Atkins; (Member; 6/11/2009 -- 9/30/2010) University of Michigan

Dr. Deborah A. Boehm-Davis; (Member; 6/11/2009 -- 9/30/2010) George Mason University

Mr. James Burin; (Member; 6/11/2009 -- 9/30/2010) Flight Safety Foundation

Mr. Brian D. Dewhurst; (Staff Officer; 6/11/2009 -- 9/30/2010) National Research Council

Dr. Colin G. Drury; (Member; 6/11/2009 -- 9/30/2010) State University of New York at Buffalo

Mr. Robert T. Francis; (Vice Chair; 6/11/2009 -- 9/30/2010) Farragut International

Dr. R. John Hansman, Jr.; (Member; 6/11/2009 -- 9/30/2010) Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Dr. Pierre T. Kabamba; (Member; 6/11/2009 -- 9/30/2010) University of Michigan

Mr. James R. Krodel; (Member; 7/21/2009 -- 9/30/2010) Pratt & Whitney

Mr. Raymond R. LaFrey; (Member; 6/11/2009 -- 9/30/2010) MIT Lincoln Laboratory [Retired]

Capt. Edmond L. Soliday (Ret.); (Member; 6/11/2009 -- 9/30/2010) United Airlines, Inc. [Retired]

Ms. Cornelia Townsend; (Member; 6/11/2009 -- 9/30/2010) Boeing Commercial Airplane Group

Dr. Eric J. Tuegel; (Member; 6/11/2009 -- 9/30/2010) Air Force Research Laboratory

Mr. Raymond Valeika; (Member; 7/21/2009 -- 9/30/2010) Independent Consultant

Mr. William Whitton; (Member; 6/11/2009 -- 9/30/2010) Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation