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About the BAST

The Board on Army Science and Technology (BAST) serves as a convening authority for the discussion of science and technology issues of importance to the Army and oversees independent Army-related studies conducted by the National Academies. In its study oversight role, the BAST takes into account public policy, as well as scientific and engineering considerations. While the BAST does not create policy, it may suggest policy alternatives for the Army to consider. In coordination with the Army, the BAST works to focus study issues and statements of task, reviews committee membership nominations, and provides BAST liaisons to participate in study committee activities.

In coordination with the Secretary of the Army and the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Acquisition, Logistics and Technology) and by mutual agreement, the BAST will:

  • Initiate and oversee studies involving research and development in science and technology fields applicable to the U.S. Army. Committees established in accordance with established NRC procedures perform studies.
  • Serve as a convening authority for independent discussion of major Army science and technology themes, strategies, and plans. In this capacity, no written records are maintained and a strict policy of non-attribution is observed to encourage the free exchange of opinions by members or individuals and guests on Army-related science and technology activities and issues. No NRC position is established.
  • Conduct periodic meetings to discuss tasks to be undertaken; receive progress reports on efforts carried out by its committees; review committee reports; and, as appropriate, visit major Army installations to keep BAST members abreast of Army requirements and problems, emerging issues, and new research and development.
  • Ensure the dissemination of scientific and engineering knowledge through published, peer-reviewed reports on studies conducted under its oversight, briefings to Army, DOD, and other government agencies, public and press release briefings.

The U.S. Department of the Army sponsors this continuing core activity.

Please download the BAST brochure (PDF)


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