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 2014 Logisitics Report

Force Multiplying Technologies for Logistics Support to Military Operations (2014)

This report explores Army logistics in a global, complex environment that includes the increasing use of antiaccess and area-denial tactics and technologies by potential adversaries. This report describes new technologies and systems that would reduce the demand for logistics and meet the demand at the point of need, make maintenance more efficient, improve inter- and intratheater mobility, and improve near-real-time, in-transit visibility. Force Multiplying Technologies also explores options for the Army to operate with the other services and improve its support of Special Operations Forces. This report provides a logistics-centric research and development investment strategy and illustrative examples of how improved logistics could look in the future.


Alternatives for the Demilitarization of Conventional Munitions: Committee Meeting #2 and Webcast
October 23-24, 2017
Washington, DC


Alternatives for the Demilitarization of Conventional Munitions: Committee Meeting #1 and Webcast
August 22-23, 2017
Washington, DC



 2014 helmet testing

Review of Department of Defense Test Protocols for Combat Helmets (2014)

This report considers the technical issues relating to test protocols for military combat helmets. At the request of Congress, this report evaluates the adequacy of the Advanced Combat Helmet test protocol for both first article testing and lot acceptance testing, including its use of the metrics of probability of no penetration and the upper tolerance limit (used to evaluate backface deformation). The report evaluates appropriate use of statistical techniques in gathering data; adequacy of current helmet testing procedures; procedures for the conduct of additional analysis of penetration and backface deformation data; and scope of characterization testing relative to the benefit of the information obtained.


Assessment of Supercritical Water Oxidation System Testing for the Blue Grass Chemical Agent Destruction Pilot Plant (2013)

This report reviews and evaluates the results of the tests conducted on one of the SCWO units to be provided to Blue Grass Chemical Agent Destruction Pilot Plant.




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