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The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine
Board on Mathematical Sciences and Their Applications
Board on Mathematical Sciences and Their Applications
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The Board on Mathematical Sciences and Their Applications provides expertise drawn from a wide range of mathematical sciences to conduct independent and rigorous assessment of science, engineering, medical, and policy issues in the service of national interest. The Board’s Committee on Applied and Theoretical Statistics (CATS) addresses the same goals with a specific focus on the statistical sciences.

The Strategy

To achieve its mission the Board and CATS:

a) Conduct studies and meetings and disseminate reports and technical assessments on mathematical sciences topics of national interest;

b) Inform and cooperate with various governmental, scientific, and public bodies on technical and policy matters relating to the mathematical sciences.


The Plan

The main activities of the BMSA and CATS are conducting studies, issuing and disseminating reports on their findings, and organizing symposia, colloquia, and workshops. Many of the studies originate with the BMSA or CATS, occasionally in concert with other NRC units, identifying issues of national or professional concern.

The Board and CATS are also a resource for the federal agencies and conduct studies that are responsive to their concerns. The dissemination of these studies, through publishing reports, presentations, and briefings, is the main route of communication with the bodies that should be informed of the findings and can act to implement the recommendations.

The following presentation provides an introduction to mathematics’ role in policy issues. Return to the Board’s home page for an overview of the major themes it is pursuing