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Building Cyberinfrastructure for Combustion Research

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Statement of Task

  1. Identify opportunities to improve combustion research through computational infrastructure (CI) and the potential benefits to applications;
  2. Identify the necessary CI elements (hardware, data management, algorithms, software, experimental facilities, people, support, etc.) through examination of existing CI in combustion research and education and CI experience in other, analogous fields.  Evaluate the accessibility, sustainability, and economic models for various approaches, and identify positive and cautionary experiences;
  3. Identify CI that is needed for education in combustion science and engineering and how education in those fields should change to prepare students for CI-enabled endeavors;
  4. Identify human, cultural, institutional, and policy challenges and discuss how other fields are addressing them;
  5. Estimate the resources (funding, manpower, facilities) needed to provide stable, long-term CI for research in combustion;
  6. Recommend a plan for enhanced exploitation of CI for combustion research, taking into account possible leveraging of CI being developed for computational science and engineering more generally.


NRC Staff

Scott Weidman, Director, Board on Mathematical Sciences and Their Applications
Neal Glassman, Study Director
Barbara Wright, Administrative Assistant
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