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Roundtable on Data Science Postsecondary Education Meeting #5:

Integrating Ethics and Privacy Concerns into Data Science Education

December 8, 2017

          Keck Center, Room 100
          500 5th St. NW                            
          Washington, DC 20001





The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine conducted a one-day meeting and webcast on data science postsecondary education on December 8, 2017. This meeting brought together data scientists and educators to discuss how to define and strengthen existing data science programs and how to best engage and retain data science students. Watch videos of the meeting.

This event was the fifth of an ongoing series of roundtable meetings that take place approximately four times per year. This roundtable is organized by the Committee on Applied and Theoretical Statistics in conjunction with the Board on Mathematical Sciences and Their Applications, the Computer Science and Telecommunications Board, and the Board on Science Education.



Meeting Agenda

Final Agenda (PDF)


Friday, December 8

Integrating Ethics and Privacy Concerns into Data Science Education

10 a.m. Welcome and introduction
Eric Kolaczyk, Boston University


10:10 a.m. “Weapons of Math Destruction”
Cathy O’Neil, author of the blog


10:40 a.m. “The Substance of a Data Science Ethics Education”
Solon Barocas, Cornell University


11:10 a.m. “Calling B.S. in the Age of Data Science Euphoria”
Jevin West, University of Washington


11:40 a.m. Open discussion of morning presentations

12:10 p.m. Working lunch


1:15 p.m. “Privacy and Fairness: Explaining Problems and Technical Solutions”
Aaron Roth, University of Pennsylvania


1:45 p.m. “What We Really Talk About When We Talk About Ethics: Navigating History, Privilege, and Power in Information and Data Science”
Anna Lauren Hoffmann, University of Washington


2:15 p.m. Open discussion of afternoon presentations2:45 PM Break


End Webcast

3 p.m. Breakout activity
Form small groups and develop ideas about how to incorporate social and ethical content into a course that you teach or into your institutional efforts. What would this look like, and who would you engage? What challenges do you foresee?


4 p.m. Report out from group breakout activity and roundtable discussion


4:30 p.m. Reflection on meetings thus far and plans for next year


5 p.m. Adjourn meeting


Event Webcast

Watch the event videos on Vimeo.


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