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Roundtable on Data Science Postsecondary Education Meeting #11:

Data Science Education at Two-Year Colleges 


June 12, 2019

An online workshop and discussion
hosted by the
Data Science Education Roundtable



The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine hosted a half-day virtual workshop on Two-Year Colleges and the Foundations for Data Science on June 12, 2019. The online meeting brought together data scientists and educators in academia, government, and industry to discuss: (1) current efforts in developing data science curricula and programs at two-year colleges, (2) opportunities for professional development in data science education, (3) strategies for building partnerships with nearby four-year and Master’s granting institutions, and (4) techniques for understanding the needs of local employers.


Watch the workshop videos. 


Download the agenda


Download the meeting highlights


12:00-5:00 PM ET Data Science at Two-Year Colleges
A Virtual Meeting and Workshop

12:00 PM Welcome and overview of meeting
Kathy McKeown, Columbia University and Co-chair of Roundtable


12:05 PM Setting the Landscape: Two-Year Colleges and DS Education
Nicholas Horton, Amherst College

12:20 PM Integrating data literacy into coursework and developing data science
Randy Kochevar, Oceans of Data Institute
Joyce Malyn-Smith, Oceans of Data Institute
Michael Harris, Bunker Hill Community College
Paul Hansford, Sinclair Community College

1:00 PM Teaching data literacy in the context of advancing workplace
Ann-Claire Anderson, Center for Occupational Research and

1:20 PM Roundtable discussion
Moderated by Kathy McKeown and Eric Kolaczyk, Roundtable Co-chairs

1:45 PM Breakout group discussion
1a: Careers in data science and industry partnerships
breakout discussion room 

1b: Curriculum, certificates, degrees, and data science literacy
breakout discussion room 

2:20 PM Transition back to plenary 
RT members and speakers please use the individualized login saved on your calendar

2:25 PM Break

2:35 PM Case Studies--Opportunities and Challenges when Rubber Meets the
Adopting Data8 at a community college
Ava Meredith, Seattle Central College


Renata Rawlings-Goss, South Big Data Regional Innovation Hub
Institutional and cultural barriers and changes
Mary Rudis, Pennsylvania State University Harrisburg

Coordination and collaboration between 2 and 4 year institutions
Lior Shamir, Lawrence Technological University

3:35 PM Roundtable Discussion
Moderated by Kathy McKeown and Eric Kolaczyk, Roundtable Co-chairs

4:00 PM Breakout group discussion
2a: Coordinating with other institutions of higher learning
Breakout discussion room

2b: Professional development for educators and adopting outside content
Breakout discussion room

4:35 PM Transition back to plenary
RT members and speakers please use the individualized login saved on your calendar

4:40 PM Breakout Session report backs and guided discussion on next steps


5:00 PM Adjourn

Upcoming Dates:
September 27, 2019: Roundtable Meeting #12—Wrap up and reflections on the Roundtable,
Washington DC