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The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine
Board on Mathematical Sciences and Their Applications
Board on Mathematical Sciences and Their Applications
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Affordability of National Flood Insurance Program Premiums: Report 1



Developing a 21st Century Global Library for Mathematics Research


Training Students to Extract Value from Big Data: Summary of a Workshop


Robust Methods for the Analysis of Images and Videos for Fisheries Stock Assessment: Summary of a Workshop



The Mathematical Sciences in 2025


Frontiers in Massive Data Analysis



 Assessing the Reliability of Complex Models: Mathematical and Statistical Foundations of Verification, Validation, and Uncertainty Quantification


Fueling Innovation and Discovery: The Mathematical Sciences in the 21st Century

Transforming Combustion Research through Cyberinfrastructure
Technical Capabilities Necessary for Systemic Risk Regulation: Summary of a Workshop
Steps Toward Large-Scale Data Integration in the Sciences: Summary of a Workshop

Strengthening Forensic Science in the United States: A Path Forward


Department of Homeland Security Bioterrorism Risk Assessment: A Call for Change
Evaluation of NSF's Program of Grants for Vertical Integration of Research and Education in the Mathematical Sciences (VIGRE)




The Potential Impact of High-End Capability Computing on Four Illustrative Fields of Science and Engineering

Proceedings of a Workshop on Statistics on Networks

New Directions for Understanding Systemic Risk: A Report on a Conference Cosponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the National Academy of Sciences





Defense Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis: Meeting the Challenge

Basic Research in Information Science and Technology for Air Force Needs


Mathematics and 21st Century Biology




Statistical Analysis of Massive Data Streams: Proceedings of a Workshop

Making Sense of Complexity: Summary of a Workshop on Dynamical Modeling of Complex Biomedical Systems

The Interface of Three Areas of Computer Science with the Mathematical Sciences: Summary of a Workshop




U.S. Research Institutes in the Mathematical Sciences: Assessment and Perspectives

Record Linkage Techniques-1997, Proceeding of an International Workshop and Exposition





Preserving Strength While Meeting Challenges: Summary Report of a Workshop on Actions for the Mathematical Sciences


Motion, Control, and Geometry: Proceedings of a Symposium




Statistical Software Engineering

The Mathematics and Physics of Emerging Biomedical Imaging


Large-Scale Structures in Acoustics and Electromagnetics: Proceedings of a Symposium


The Evaluation of Forensic DNA Evidence





Calculating the Secrets of Life: Applications of Mathematical Sciences to Molecular Biology

Mathematical Challenges from Theoretical/Computational Chemistry





Statistical Issues in Defense Analysis and Testing: Summary of a Workshop


Modern Interdisciplinary University Statistics Education




Mathematical Research in Material Sciences

Clinical Trials and Statistics


Statistics and Physical Oceanography

Transportation and the Mathematical Sciences: The Changing Interaction





Probability and Algorithms

Educating Mathematical Scientists: Doctoral Study and the Postdoctoral Experience in the United States


Combining Information,



Mathematical Foundations of High-Performance Computing and Communications


Mathematical Sciences, Technology, and Economic Competitiveness

Moving Beyond Myths: Revitalizing Undergraduate Mathematics

Spatial Statistics and Digital Image Analysis

The Future of Statistical Software




A Challenge of Numbers: People in the Mathematical Sciences

Actions for Renewing U.S. Mathematical Sciences Departments


Renewing U.S. Mathematics: A Plan for the 1990s




Everybody Counts: A Report to the Nation on the Future of Mathematics Education

Discriminant Analysis and Clustering

Statistical Models and Analysis in Auditing