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Standing Committees

Much of the FFC's work is performed by standing committees and ad hoc task groups composed of architects, engineers, other technical specialists, and facilities program managers from the sponsoring federal agencies. FFC standing committees may also include liaisons from private industry trade associations, professional societies, and standards organizations with an interest in facilities engineering and management. Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs are elected annually by the committee members and may serve multiple terms.

Each standing committee meets four times per year for approximately three hours per meeting. Committee meetings allow for the exchange of information on (1) issues of mutual concern; (2) new initiatives and developments within the agencies; (3) presentations by invited speakers; and (4) work on specific committee projects.

Interested individuals from sponsor agencies are always welcome to attend, observe, and participate in FFC committee meetings even if they are not listed on the committee roster.

Committee Responsibilities

  • Planning and organizing symposia, workshops, conferences, briefings, and lectures;
  • Assembling information on the policies, practices, and experiences of the participating agencies;
  • Maintaining contacts with private sector organizations to effect regular interchanges of information and views on matters of common interest;
  • Recommending studies and projects to be conducted by the FFC.

Standing Committees